Company Law Services

  • Maintenance of Statutory Registers.
  • Preparation of Agenda, Notice, Resolution and Minutes of Board and General Meeting
  • Preparation of Directors Report
  • Preparation and Certification of Annual Return
  • Issue of Compliance Certificate and Secretarial Audit
  • Annual Filing of Balance Sheet and Annual Returns with Registrar of Companies
  • XBRL Conversion Services
  • To make application and get approval from Central Government for extension of Annual General Meeting of the Company
  • Compliance relating to Change in the Management of the Company
  • Compliance relating to remuneration paid to management of the Company
  • Conversion of Private to Public Limited Company and Vice Versa and Conversion of Partnership firm into Public Limited Company
  • Conversion of Company into Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) and Vice Versa and Conversion of partnership firm into LLP.
  • Change of Object, Name, and Registered office of the Company
  • Reorganization of Capital Structure of the Company by way of
    • Increase Authorised and Paid Up Capital of the Company
    • Issue Shares having Differential Voting Rights
    • Issue Of Bonus Shares
    • Buy Back Of Share
    • Reduction of Share Capital
  • Creation, Modification and Satisfaction of Charge on the properties of the Company.
  • Compliance related to Acceptance of Public Deposit.
  • Compliance related to Declaration and payment of Interim and Final Dividend.
  • Compliance with Postal Ballot formalities Listed Companies.
  • Drafting and filing of Petition.
    • Shifting of Registered Office from One State to Another State U/s 17
    • Refusal to Transfer of Shares U/s 111
    • Condonation of Delay in Creation, Modification and Satisfaction of Charge U/s 141
    • Drafting and filing of Petition U/s 397-398
    • Drafting and filing of Compounding Application U/s 621A
  • Drafting, Preparing and filing petition to High Court for Amalgamation, Merger, demerger, U/s 391 to 396
  • Winding of Companies by way of
    • Voluntary Winding up
    • Creditors Winding up
    • Compulsory Winding up
    • Striking of Companies
  • Revival of Companies Under Winding Up


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