ESI : Employee's State Insurance

Registration of new Establishment

  • Documentation and filling the same to obtaining ESI registration code. Number of new establishment within prescribed time limit as per act and rule.

Employees Registration

  • Registration of new employees on ESI portal as per latest update.
  • Scanning of Individual/Family Photographs and Signatures.
  • OF the Insured person and uploading it for obtaining ESI Numbers.
  • Issue Online Temporary Identity Card (TIC).
  • Help in Obtaining Permanent Identity Card (PIC) from the ESI Branch office.

Monthly Compliances

  • Online Generation of Challan thru ESIC web portal & deposit into bank within prescribed time as per Act.
  • Preparing and Maintain of Form No. 7( ESI Regulation No. 32)
  • Form No. 3 (Regulation 14)
  • Proper consultation of employees queries.
  • Proper documentation as per ESI rule in case of accident or unfortunate.
  • Timely filing of Reply of Notices etc. from the ESI.
  • Proper documentation & consultation in case of assessment & inspection by ESI department,
  • Immediate circulation of new amendments or changes in the acts.

Half yearly compliances

  • Preparing and filing of Form 6 (Statutory half yearly return) for Main code and sub codes nos.
  • Preparing and filing of Form No. 01-A (Annual Return)

Startups & Setups
Registrations & Licenses
Filing & Audits
Statutory & Compliance
Real Estate & Property

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